Pizza Chain Uses Leftover Dough To Make Bread For Homeless

by : Emily Brown on : 12 Dec 2019 08:04
Pizza company uses leftover dough to feed the homelessPizza company uses leftover dough to feed the homelessFranco Manca/Pixabay

The UK-based pizza chain Franco Manca has announced a new year-round initiative to turn leftover dough into bread to feed the homeless. 

The company has been creating Neapolitan-inspired pizza since its inception in 2008, and as fresh dough is made on-site every day any excess dough would be at risk of going to waste.

As part of Franco Manca’s plans to reduce food waste across its sites, the company has decided instead to use the leftover ingredients to make fresh sourdough bread, with loaves being distributed to local soup kitchens, charities and shelters across the UK to help those in need.

Loaf of breadLoaf of breadPixabay

The scheme launched on December 9 and will continue throughout the new year as one of Franco Manca’s numerous waste-reducing initiatives that include advertising extra toppings to diminish ingredient waste, encouraging customers take home leftovers, asking diners to not leave their crusts (they’ll make your hair curly!) and regularly donating to food banks.

As well as creating the bread, the company has pledged to donate free pizzas to those who require them most during the month of December; a move which has become a tradition for Franco Manca over the past few years.

While it donated 20,000 pizzas last year, the company has upped its promise this year and plans to give out a whopping 40,000 pizzas.

Boxes of pizza from company helping the homelessBoxes of pizza from company helping the homelessFranco Manca

To help achieve this, pizzeria staff have volunteered to work at selected stores on Christmas Day to provide a free collection service for anyone who’s unable to enjoy a festive meal in comfort.

The company is also calling upon relevant charities, shelters, food banks and members of the public to help reach its goal, encouraging them to reach out and arrange an order of fresh bread or cooked pizzas to aid those requiring extra sustenance and support at this special time of year.

Members of the public are encouraged to offer suggestions for organisations they feel would benefit from the scheme via the website, in an effort to spread the tasty food far and wide.


Javed Akhtar, Operations Director at Franco Manca, expressed his excitement for the plans, saying:

At Franco Manca, we always try back to our local communities.

This year, we’re truly happy to announce that we are doubling our 2018 pledge by offering 40,000 pizzas to those who face a tough time over the festive period.

We are so proud to extend this support around our pizzerias with the launch of a new and exciting year-round initiative delivering freshly baked pizzas made from our sourdough to charities and soup kitchens.

Not only do we hope this will help those most in need for months to come, it will also support our aim to limit our food waste across the business, something we think should be a focus for all like-minded, conscious restaurants across the UK.


The 40,000 free pizzas will be available for collection from all Franco Manca stores nationwide and pick ups can be organised through the company’s donations page.

By reducing food waste and helping those in need, the initiative is certainly a win-win. Amazing!

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