Pizza Hut Has Unveiled Its Hash Brown Crust, But There’s A Catch


Just when you thought that hot dog stuffed crusts were the pinnacle of doughy indulgence, Pizza Hut has gone ahead and raised the junk food bar even higher.

It looks like wowing the world with twists on the humble crust is becoming a habit for the restaurant chain, as their new innovation the hash brown crust has well and truly got people licking their lips.

According to the Mirror, the company’s chefs have taken the humble hash brown and cut it into bite-size pieces which sit on the crust – photographs show tater tot-style morsels dotted around the edge of the pizza.

It appears that the majority of diners aren’t averse to the idea of double carbs – hash browns consist of potato and onion – and they’re getting quite excited about the new addition:

But hold your horses, before you rush to your nearest branch there is one heartbreaking catch – the hash brown crust is only available at Pizza Hut restaurants in New Zealand.

Pizza Hut

Even worse, there’s no word on whether it will make its way to the UK at all. Just to rub salt into our wounds, U.S. Pizza Hut has just unveiled their incredibly delicious sounding cheese-stuffed garlic knot crust – again not available in the UK.

I mean, we have just got the pulled pork pizza and those deep fried pickle things, but come on Pizza Hut, give us a slice of the good stuff!