Pizza Might Be A Superfood In The Future, Nutritionist Says

by : UNILAD on : 02 Sep 2017 16:30

I look at the kale-eating, courgette-spiralising people who fork out on the new ‘super food’ every month and just think, ‘but what about pizza?’.


Much to all junk-food lovers’ delight, one nutrition scientist has predicted pizza could become a superfood.

So we may not have to compromise our need for cheese and dough thanks to Dan Schmitz from Abbott Laboratories.

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Dan told Business Insiderone day, instead of urging people to eat more superfoods, we could make a ‘super nutritious pizza’.


Basically, like when your mum used to blend your five-a-day into your pasta sauce so you couldn’t taste it, we could work the many superfoods of the world into the array of junk food we’re all addicted to.


Dan also spoke of the benefits 3D printed food could hold, for example if you’re low in iron or protein, the printer could make you a pancake with more of the specific ingredient in.

Part of the reason we struggle to change our eating habits to better ones is largely because of taste, ‘flavour always wins’ as Dan put it.

So if they want to sneak nutrients into pizza, they’re taking on a big challenge not to alter the taste.


Not sure how I feel about 3D printed food. I’m sure Charlie Brooker would have something to say about that.

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  1. Business Insider

    A nutrition scientist predicts a future in which pizza is nutritious as a superfood