Pizza Place Selling Just The Crusts Is The Stuff Of Dreams

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Jul 2019 16:22
pizza crusts on the menu at Villa Italian KitchenVilla Italian Kitchen/Instagram

An Italian restaurant in the United States is going to start offering pizza crusts as a menu item and it could potentially be the start of World War Three. 

People argue about lots of things in this day and age but one of the things we can all usually agree on is pizza. Obviously there are some disputes about toppings – I won’t even get started on the ham and pineapple thing – but the concept of pizza in general is usually safe ground.


That is until Villa Italian Kitchen came forward with the bold claim the crust is ‘everyone’s favourite part of the pizza’.

I mean, come on. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against the crust, especially if there’s a nice garlic dip to go along with it, but there’s a severe lack of topping there. Although there’s always that one friend who’s happy to dig in to everyone else’s leftover crust I just find it hard to believe it could be their favourite part.

The US restaurant made the statement on Instagram along with the announcement they plan to start selling boxes full of pizza crust alone for $2.75 from July 18.


They wrote:

BREAKING NEWS: Everyone’s favorite part of the pizza will be available for purchase at participating Villa Italian Kitchens nationwide starting on July 18.

Mark your calendars – our ‘Just The Crusts’ dish is almost here! Would you try this?!

It’s certainly a bold move; I think the only way I could get behind the idea is if it was a stuffed crust. While there does appear to be a few traces of stray cheese on Villa Italian’s crust I just don’t think their dish would cut it for me.


I live for that cheese pull.

It’s not clear what the restaurant plan to do with the pieces of pizza which were previously attached to their new dish – maybe they’ll start doing a crust-less option just to ensure nothing goes to waste?

I can imagine there’ll be a lot of people more than willing to take the cheesy pizza centres off their hands!


What’s your opinion of the new addition?

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Villa Italian Kitchen/Instagram
  1. Villa Italian Kitchen/Instagram