Pizzeria Puts Boba From Bubble Tea Onto Pizzas And We’re Confused

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Aug 2019 17:40

I have to admit, I like the occasional sweet flavourings on pizza. Not all the time of course, and certainly not when I’m just searching for something pleasingly greasy and carby at 3am.

But when it comes to slightly fancier cuts of ‘proper dinner out’ pizza, I like to get a little more adventurous and embrace inner hipster-y tendencies I will never be edgy enough to pull off.


Blueberries nestled among pungent feta. Maple syrup drizzled over dainty shreds of waffle. And, of course, the much maligned handful of scalding hot pineapple.

However, until recently I couldn’t have imagined a ‘Bubble Tea’ pizza, the dish which has caused such a ruckus online. Indeed, the initial image that entered my mind was of a cup shaped out of dough and filled with soggy cheese. I wasn’t tempted to be honest.

But now I’ve seen pics, and I must say I’m kind of into it. Boba pearls are fairly flavourless on their own, but press them onto a bed of molten mozzarella and they will soak up that cheesiness like dozens of cute little sponges.


They also have a satisfyingly chewy texture which – as someone who avoids mushy, unsubstantial pizzas like the plague – I approve of.

Now, you probs won’t be able to order Boba pizza from Domino’s anytime soon, and fellow Brits will have a bit of a trek ahead of them if they want to sample a slice.


Bobo pizza was birthed at Foodie Star, a restaurant in Chiayi City, Taiwan. It’s not going to break the bank if you’re in the area.


A bobo pizza will set you back 139 New Taiwan Dollars (£3.70), according to Walkerland.


And it’s supposedly quite tasty. One Instagram user has given the following positive review of the unusual pizza:

Their pearls have a very strong ‘black sugar flavor’. The crust is generally crispy but the pearl is really amazing. Perfect harmony with the cheese, salty and sweet interlaced.


However, not everybody has been licking their lips at the prospect of this mismatched feast, with one Twitter user describing it as ‘unholy’ and another simply moaning, ‘Noooooo’.

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Chiayi City is known for being a great place to try Boba in a variety of forms. However, I reckon you don’t have to be from Taiwan to try this out. Frozen pizza plus shop-bought boba pearls, job done.

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    "Chiayi Food" Foodie Star. In the old house, you can eat homemade noodles, as well as the popular limited-edition pearl PIZZA. You can't eat it late!