Posh Amsterdam Restaurant Encourages Diners To Get Stoned As They Eat

Facebook/Greenhouse Kitchen

Anyone who’s destroyed a two-for-one Domino’s, and a couple of jumbo Snickers after a few joints knows that weed and food are a match made in heaven.[/caption]

But, a new restaurant in Amsterdam is taking the combo one step further. They are aiming to up the ante by pairing posh haute cuisine with cannabis by providing vaporisers on every table. Owner Celester Roskam says that the rise of vaping has made the whole thing possible:

“I just didn’t like the idea of everyone smoking inside. It really completed the healthy concept I had in mind. This way, we could also put spices on the table that really complement the meal when you vape them.”

Faceboook/Green House Kitchen

This means diners won’t have to go red-eyed between courses, they will also be able to choose from other ‘herbs’ such as rosemary and thyme to vape in between the lungfuls of White Widow.

The portions better be massive and there better be chocolate, loads of chocolate. And biscuits. A milkshake would be good too…