Poundland Tells Shoppers Offended By ‘Sexist Sweets’ To ‘Look The Other Way’

'SExist' sweets, boobies and bootySWNS

Poundland have been criticised by some shoppers for selling ‘sexist sweets’.

The discount store is currently selling ‘booty’ marshmallows, in a packet which says ‘squidge my Cheeks’, as well as marshmallow ‘boobies’, with the packet reading, ‘a cracking pair’.

They cost 50p which, when the shop is called Poundland, means they must really be trying to shift them quickly. Perhaps so people won’t notice their lewd nature?

However, customers are dubbing the ‘novelty’ sweets sexist, as there’s no sign of an equivalent male version of the sweet on the shelves.

Gemma Aitchison, who spotted the sweets in Bolton, Greater Manchester, wrote on Twitter:

What exactly are you trying to say with these products, Poundland, to the families who come in store?

No sign of any male things to sexually assault. No testicles to grab at? Why do we have candy like this, usually made for children?

Gemma later added:

I know they are marshmallows and I understand that marshmallows aren’t ‘the end of the world’. But I also know that sexual objectification is linked to violence and, for companies, profit.

Corporations create and profit from sexual objectification but don’t want any responsibility for it. We need to call them out on this.

And Gemma’s Tweet prompted a further wave of backlash from others, criticising Poundland of ‘disgusting sexism’.

novelty 'boobies' and 'booty' sweetsSWNS

Josephine Liptrott, from London, wrote:

Oh my goodness. That is APPALLING. The sexualisation and objectification of women even in marshmallow form? [sic]

And that pornified illustration… I’m absolutely flabbergasted that anyone thought these names and illustrations were in any way acceptable. [sic]

Like something out of an Anne Summers catalogue. Dear lord, Poundland, it’s still 1972 in your stores. This is an absolute disgrace. So damaging to normalise such appalling sexism and objectification.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user by the name of ‘Thatcherated Fats’ wrote:

Disappointing to see porn culture at Poundland on the shelves.

Another tweeted:

That is so gross. Misogynist and, unsurprisingly, also perverted. Imagine your four-year-old grabbing that and caring it around the store.

novelty 'booty' sweetsSWNS

Responding to the concerned customers, Poundland told Metro:

If something’s offended you, we won’t force you to buy it. It’s fine for you to look the other way and ignore it.

Here at Poundland, we think it’s ok that sometimes we don’t always get it right for everyone. Because, frankly it’s impossible to do that.

Just because someone doesn’t like something we do, we also believe that doesn’t give them the automatic right to stop us doing it for thousands of other people who like it.

While sweets like this aren’t exactly the first of their kind – I’m sure everyone who’s been on a stag or hen party has seen something similar – it seems being able to find them in a section usually aimed at kids has shocked some people.

On the other hand, perhaps people are just tired of this shit, who knows?

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