Pringles Has Made A Giant Tube As Tall As A Person

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 16 Nov 2020 09:11

I’m sure we can all agree that a standard tube of Pringles just isn’t enough, so now the crisp brand is bringing out a tube a tall as a person. 

However, only 11 lucky individuals will be able to get their hands on the giant tube of goodness, as part of a competition created by Pringles Japan.


The tubes advertised stand at 161cm (almost 5ft 3″) – the same height as the campaign’s spokesperson, Japanese YouTuber Fuwa-chan.


Pringles Japan announced the news of its huge Pringles tubes on Wednesday, November 11 – a day the country sees as Pringles Day.

As translated, the tweet read, ‘November 11th is Pringles Day!? That’s why I made Fuwa-chan life-sized Pringles Sparkles At this opportunity, 11 people will be given a life-sized Pringles as a gift.’


It went on to explain that people could enter the competition by tweeting impressions of themselves eating Pringles, as well as telling Pringles Japan their height, implying that the winning individuals would have tubes created to their specific height, as opposed to just Fuaw-chan’s.

Responding to the tweet, one hopeful winner wrote, ‘My favourite is sour cream and pizza. It makes my face happy. And a better way to start the day is to eat Pringles. My birthday is December 4th. I wish I could get one of these.’

Another person put, ‘I’ve loved sour cream and onions since I was a kid, but I’m impressed with the power-up of deliciousness.’


While this seems like a great idea, I can’t help but beg the question of how on earth you’d reach down to the crisps further down?! Many people struggle to fit their hands into normal tubes as it is – unless you’re lucky enough to have tiny, child-like hands like me.

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Pringles Japan/Twitter
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