Pub Offering Ridiculous 40-Inch Pizza Eating Challenge

massive pizzaMwah Pizzas/Facebook

It’s a well established dietary fact that pizza is one of the best foods in the world ever invented ever. Don’t ask me to show you my research, but it is.

I doubt there are many people out there who have had a sliver of a well-made pizza and though ‘yeah, that’s enough for me’. Nope. Everyone wants more pizza all the time.

There aren’t many foods that work just as well, if not better, as an evening meal and a morning-after meal. From a quick and easy last minute fix to a gourmet quality experience, a cheeky takeaway to a homemade sensation, pizza can be all things to everyone.

Also, the bigger the better, right? Because it’s great for sharing and, again, it’s a mega breakfast if you don’t finish it all.

So, now you’re all craving pizza like mad, let me give you the good food news: one pub is offering customers the chance to take ‘the UK’s largest wood-fired pizza’ – at a whopping 40 inches – because… well, why not.

The Mwah Pizzas challenge, hosted at the Carters Arms in Wilmslow, just outside Manchester, is offering competitors 30 minutes to take down their massive creation.

The pizza itself is a 40-inch, wood-fired Napoli style margherita with your choice of two toppings. Choose wisely, though, as you’ll be taking on a lot. If you’re competitive, keep it light, you don’t want to be chomping your way through a pile of unnecessary toppings. Then again, if you’re going for taste, well the world is your oyster, my pizza-loving friend.

The challenge costs £50, but you can do it with a mate, meaning £25 each for more pizza than you could possibly need (again, just think about breakfast). However, if you and your eating partner are successful in devouring the gargantuan pile of pie, you get your 50 quid back and a spot on the pub’s wall of fame. What more could you want?!

The next event is on Friday November 2. Check out the details here.

If you’re still craving pizza, but thinking you need something smaller and spicier, don’t worry we’ve got you covered there too.

In a move never seen before, and one that’s sure to split opinion, Asda have gone and launched a vindaloo pizza. That’s right, you can now get that notoriously hot Indian curry on top of that notoriously delicious cheesy and tomato-y Italian base.

vindaloo pizzaAsda

The 14-inch pizza will set you back £3.50 and, according to Asda’s description, is ‘prepared with a vindaloo base sauce, succulent spicy chicken pieces, and a lime pickle drizzle’. It also comes topped with mini poppadoms. It might not be the most obvious pizza topping, but it sure is intriguing.

The supermarket is launching the experimental dish to celebrate National Curry Week, which runs from October 22 to October 29. Asda, however, know how inventing such a meal could make a fair few people eager to try it, so it’s already on sale.

So if you’re ever torn between pizza and curry, fear no more, it seems Asda wants to give you the best of both worlds. Whether it works is yet to be determined, though.

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