Restaurant Serves Kiwi Fruit On Pizza And Now Pineapple Doesn’t Look So Bad

by : Julia Banim on : 14 Jan 2020 11:57
Restaurant Serves Kiwi Fruit On Pizza And Now Pineapple Doesn't Look So Badnre1313/Reddit

I’m somewhat of a pizza pariah over here in the UK, on account of my unabashed, lifelong love of pineapple on pizza.

For me, the tropical sweetness perfectly contrasts with the savoury base, resulting in a juicy taste explosion. But whenever I bring up my penchant for the pine, I am met with undisguised disgust and judgement.


But maybe I should pack up my pizza cutter and move to Denmark? If a recent Reddit thread is anything to go by, then this is a country that appreciates how melted cheese can be made even more delectable with a bit of fruit.

An unnamed tourist has shared a pic of a pizza from a Danish pizzeria, and to me it looks like heaven in a delivery box.


The pizza is – in my humble opinion – a treat for the eyes and no doubt the tongue. A round, crusty delight studded with slices of zesty kiwi fruit.

However, the person in question hasn’t exactly been smacking their chops at the prospect of tucking into this pie, sharing a pic on Reddit alongside the following remarks:

Kiwi pizza from a Danish pizzeria, an unholy abomination.


The thread, which has since gone viral, erupted with disgust, with many pizza connoisseurs recoiling with rage at such a ‘cursed’ combination.

One person gagged:

I think I just went blind.


Another fumed:

Cooking kiwi fruit is in violation of United Nations General Assembly resolution 2162B.


However, others wouldn’t be entirely opposed to give it a go, with many fellow pizza freaks sharing their own partiality to a range of wild and wonderful toppings, including bananas and watermelon.

One enthusiastic foodie salivated:

I could almost taste the combined flavors of the cheese and kiwi— its saltiness and its sweetness and tartness respectively. Like it could be a good flavor combination much like that of cheese and grapes or berries.

Another said:

My favourite pizza is bacon, pineapple, banana peppers. It’s got the salty/sweet/tangy trifecta of culinary delight. What I’m saying is I’d try kiwi before bashing it.

Look, people may scoff and hurl things and demand pizza and fruit should remain worlds apart. But science says the exact opposite.

According to esteemed culinary magazine Bon Appetit, the best way to ‘maximise’ a pizza’s taste potential is to pile on two seemingly opposing toppings.

And this is apparently why ham and pineapple work so damn well together (you know it to be true!), with the naturally acidic fruit cutting through the grease and the salt to balance out the flavours beautifully.

Bon Appetit has yet to comment on the kiwi pizza, but I like to think it’s only a matter of time before it’s a beloved yet eternally divisive pizzeria fixture.

Get me on the first plane to Denmark. The Danes have clearly perfected the art of jazzing up a dull old pizza and transforming it into a party for the mouth.

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