Ridiculous Promotion Sees 48 Piece McNugget Meals Introduced To Japanese McDonald’s

by : UNILAD on : 25 Nov 2015 01:08

So McDonald’s offers a wide variety of differently sized chicken nugget meals across the globe, but things just stepped up a gear in Japan with the introduction of a whopping 48 piece McNugget meal.


The largest number available in one box in the UK is a 20 piece meal, and prior to the new increased portion, 15 was the highest quantity available in Japan.

The massive new meal will be available at locations in Niigata as a promotion alongside J-pop group NGT48. Such clever word play.

At 1,800 yen (about £10) the deal does not look too bad, but as with any promotion there is a catch.


To drive sales a collectible card featuring one of the band’s 25 members will be included in each bucket.

But that in turn means you would have to buy at least 25 buckets to complete the set, a ridiculous 1200 nuggets in total. And that is based on consumers not picking up the same card twice.

The deal that will make the 2000 calorie buckets available goes live on December 1.

Obesity, or a life without a complete collection of NGT48 collectible cards? Tough call.

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    Japanese McDonald's to offer 48 piece McNuggets meal