Salad Cakes Are The Food Mashup No-One Ever Asked For


There are some food mashups out there which are certainly worth doing.

The cronut (croissant and doughnut hybrid), pizza waffles and even sushi burgers are all pretty incredible in their own way.

But have any of you ever thought ‘this cake needs some salad in it’? No, we haven’t either, but it’s quickly becoming a new craze in you guessed it, Japan.

We understand that they’re pretty and that, but why? Why would you do this to us?

ベジデコサラダ®が明日4月12日9:50~放映、東海テレビ「スイッチ」さんに登場致します! 「おもてなし!BOYS AND ぐるMEN」 光浦靖子さんをゲストに迎え、 田中俊介さん、小林豊さんが春野菜グルメで対決!のコーナーです^^ 皆様ぜひご覧くださいませ!! 東海テレビ「スイッチ」HP ベジデコサラダ®公式ホームページ This Name is “Vegedecosalad” gltenfree & lowcarb New Style Salad from Japan Vegedecosalad is introduced by a TVshow!! #ベジデコサラダ #サラダ #野菜 #vegedecosalad #glutenfreelife #glutenfree #lowcarb #saladcake #東海テレビスイッチ #tvshow

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They are the work of Japanese food stylist and designer, Misuki Moriyasu, who sells them from her new cafe Vegedeco, in Nagoya.

She invented the cakes while working at another restaurant, as a way to make vegetables a bit more nice to eat.

本日4月27日 銀座グランドホテルにて 銀座グランドホテル2周年記念・銀座ボタニカルランチのプレス発表会が行われました。 食スタイルデザイナーMitsukiが2周年記念に特別デザインの「ベジデコサラダ®銀座グランドホテルスペシャル」を発表いたしました。 記者会見ではこの素敵なコラボレーションへの想いを披露させていただき、お集まりの皆様にご試食頂きました。 銀座グランドホテル2周年記念「銀座ボタニカルランチ」は銀座グランドホテル 地下1階「NORTHERN TERRACE DINER TOKYO」にて 2016年4月29日より6月末までの期間お召し上がりいただけます。 銀座グランドホテル×食スタイルデザイナー Mitsukiの素敵なコラボレーションをぜひ体験していただければ嬉しいです。 #ベジデコサラダ #ベジデコ #ベジデコケーキ #銀座グランドホテル #vegedecosalad #vegedecosaladcafe #vegedeco #glutenfree #lowcarb #ginzaglandhotel

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It kind of reminds us of when you’re a kid and your mum tried to sneak nasty veg into your meals. You’re not fooling us guys, we know what you are.

Apparently her customers had a pretty decent response to them, so that’s when she decided to open a separate cafe to sell them.

Just in case you were wondering how these bizarre creations are made, she blends whole vegetables with soybean flour to create a sponge. Er, delicious?

Barely any sugar is added and for the icing she mixes vegetables with cream cheese or tofu. This isn’t sounding great is it?

The result is a low-carb, gluten-free cake which counts as one of your five a day. Though I feel that if you wanted to convince me to eat it, it would have to be all of my five-a-day to make it worth my while.

It just doesn’t do it for us, sorry (not sorry).