Salt Bae Is Hiring A Toilet Assistant And People Have Calculated How Long It Will Take Them To Afford A Steak

by : Cameron Frew on : 08 Nov 2021 11:09
Salt Bae Is Hiring A Toilet Assistant And People Have Calculated How Long It Will Take Them To Afford A Steak@nusr_et/Instagram

After it emerged Salt Bae is looking for a toilet assistant for his extortionate London restaurant, people have been calculating how long it’d take for them to afford one of his steaks.

Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, attracted controversy back in September when he opened his new Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Knightsbridge. The ‘living meme’ is best-known for flamboyantly sprinkling his namesake seasoning over meat, but his reputation has been tarnished with the restaurant’s eye-watering prices.


Before you even think about a steak, which will set you back hundreds of pounds, one portion of ‘herb crusted fries’ costs £10, one Coca-Cola (probably one of those titchy bottles) costs £9; and a single can of Red Bull costs £11. So, if you worked there as a toilet assistant, how long would it take to afford a delicious meal?

For the low cost of £850, you can buy yourself a gold-encrusted steak from the luxury restaurant. For reference, you can lay down even more cash for a pricier steak, and a gold burger costs £100, if you’re slumming it.

For the privilege of working as a toilet assistant, you’ll be paid £11 an hour (15p above the city’s living wage), plus any tips from customers who awkwardly agree to a skoosh of aftershave. Your duties will include ‘various bodily fluids and, on occasion, dealing directly with the public’.


If you saved up all your Salt Bae pennies to buy yourself one of the not-so-coveted steaks, it would take you around three weeks, depending on the shifts you pull. ‘If I paid that amount for a steak I’d want constipation for a month to get my monies worth,’ one user hilariously reacted.

After stirring up so much publicity, the bespectacled restauranteur recently announced he was leaving London for Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to open a new eatery.

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