Salt Bae Is Selling A $1,000 Steak At His New Texas Restaurant

by : Cameron Frew on : 15 Mar 2021 13:07
Salt Bae Is Selling A $1,000 Steak At His New Texas RestaurantWall Street Journal/YouTube/Pexels

Got a grand burning a hole in your pocket? Lay it down on a massive steak, courtesy of Salt Bae. 

You remember that guy who flamboyantly sprinkles salt on delicious-looking steaks, right? Well, the Turkish chef known as Salt Bae actually owns a chain of luxury restaurants, with his most recent Nusr-Et Steakhouse opening in Dallas, Texas, this weekend.


The living meme, real name Nusret Gökçe, can be seen in videos cooking directly for his customers and doing his trademark salt drop. If you’ve got lots of money to burn, he’s got just the steak for you.

As people flocked to the opening of the restaurant, footage and photos quickly emerged of the experience inside. In one clip, a woman is fed a piece of steak straight off Salt Bae’s knife, while another man refuses to do the same, picking it off with his hands.

One photo showed the bill for a group who’d eaten at the restaurant, and it is eye-watering. Totalling to a whopping $6,228.05, it includes a $10 Sprite, $15 french fries, $19 mashed potato and most notably, a $1,000 steak. However, it’s not just any steak – it’s golden.


The 24-karat Tomahawk wagyu steak is coated in gold leaf. Bear in mind, the extra expense comes with virtually no change to the flavour or texture – it’s a pointless luxury for those who can afford it.

Responding to the prices, one user wrote, ‘Who the f*ck wants to pay $1000’s of dollars to sh*t gold for a week? I’ll be at home later with my mesh strainer like… oh f*ck let me try to get some of my money back.’

Another user wrote, ‘Thousand dollars for a steak that mf better put every bit of that meat in my mouth with his own hands.’ A third tweeted, ‘That Golden Tomahawk is a bag, no wonder he be doing all of that performative sh*t.’


Another wrote, ‘$38 for 2 portions of sweet corn? The green giant better be the one to serve me himself in that case.’

Many have taken issue with how expensive a single Sprite is, which is grossly over the retail price. ‘Y’all seen Salt Bae prices??? I better be gettin fed like I’m at the Garden of Eden,’ one user wrote.

Then there’s the tip: a mandatory 18% service charge. In the above bill’s case, it came to nearly $900 for the tip alone. ‘A $900 service charge!? And you think I’m not gonna have my man feed me coz of socials? Salt bae better just slide that meat down my throat,’ another user replied.


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