Scientists Discover Way To Trick Your Mind Into Eating Less Pizza

by : UNILAD on : 24 Jan 2016 14:28

No idea why you’d want to do this, but scientists have uncovered a trick to make yourself eat less pizza.


Yes, really. These researchers – who clearly don’t understand the concept of pizza – have published a new study in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research claiming they’ve found a way to stop you demolishing a large Domino’s pizza in one sitting (don’t pretend you don’t do this).


According to this study, you can apparently trick your brain into thinking slices are bigger by eating it on a larger table. Sounds simple, right? Essentially you’ll eat fewer slices when it’s served on a big table compared to when you eat them off a smaller table.

For the study, researchers took four same-sized pizzas and sliced them into either 16ths or eighths and placed them on small or large tables.


On small tables, those who took part in the study were adamant that the pizza was smaller so they ate twice as many slices to get to the amount they viewed as normal.

While on the flip side, people eating at larger tables thought smaller slices were closer to the usual-sized slices and therefore ate less pizza. This all makes pretty logical sense, but why would you really want to do this? Pizza is the food of Gods…

Thanks, but no thanks science…

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