Secret WhatsApp Group Gets You Free Food At Greggs


For some people, the Christmas time is about holiday cheer and giving, but for others, it’s about the food.

And it appears Greggs knows that better than any high street baker after they set up a VIP WhatsApp group for fans of their Festive Bake.

The club for baked goods lovers allows members to win prizes, see exclusive content and enter competitions. But don’t go thinking any old Joe Blow can join – this is a members only club and strictly for the crème de la crème.

To enter, you had to text the number 07759325409, and as of Thursday morning, the final self-proclaimed ‘Greggulars’ had been invited.

But there may be hope. The rules state that any inappropriate content like racism, sexism, lack of belief in Santa and showing your ‘yule log’ will result in removal from the group and consequently, added to Santa’s naughty list.

So does that mean for every inappropriate person, a new Greggs lover has a chance of getting in? This hasn’t been confirmed – but it would make sense.

Greggs told the Mirror Online:

Greggs fans love the Festive Bake and start asking about its arrival as early as July.

So we thought we’d set up a space for the most dedicated Festive Bake fans to enjoy their favourite thing.

We’ll be sharing exclusive content and giving away gift codes.

For the time being, those who have been accepted are getting the chance to chat with other Greggs lovers and make some new, festive friends.