So Weed-Infused Pizza Is Now A Thing, Apparently

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It’s seem people are getting a bit more creative when it comes to utilising their weed, especially when it comes to edibles.

First we were treated to the magical Chrontella (weed-infused Nutella) in Canada and now we’ve been given something possibly even more perfect marijuana enthusiasts.

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In order to celebrate 420, a guy called Nick Ford – who owns a pizza place called P.R.E.A.M. (Pizza Rules Everything Around Me) in Portland, Oregon – decided to infuse weed into his pizza dough.

As one of the several U.S. states that has legalised marijuana, he used some of Portland’s finest product from Farma Cannabis Dispensary.

Essentially the idea was to cut out the middle man of eating pizza while smoking up and just let the pizza do the job for you, though we wouldn’t recommend eating an entire pizza in just one sitting.


It’s an automatic win win really as they can get high while they eat it and then cure those impending munchies by eating more and more of it. Result.

Oh, and the guys at Vice Munchies managed to film the whole thing to for our viewing pleasure:

If they rolled this out as a future business venture you could see them doing very well indeed.