Someone Invented A Beer You Can Share With Your Dog

Kerry Thomas/Facebook

Hair of the dog just got real.

A UK brewery has just invented a beer that you can safely share with man’s best friend.

Woof And Brew have introduced their newest non-alcoholic, non-carbonated doggy drink and, of course, it’s called Bottom Sniffer.

Woof And Brew

The brew – which is completely safe for your pet’s consumption – is made from only natural ingredients including Dandelion & Burdock.

Not only does the beer taste like the fragrant joy of a long, lazy summer day, Dandelion & Burdock aids the general well-being of dogs, according to the brewery.

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Woof and Brew say:

Bottom Sniffer has been taste-tested by a selected group of dogs, including those known for being fussy. 9/10 dogs lapped up all the samples we made, but the final brew was a clear favourite.

With a 96% palatability approval rate, Bottom Sniffer provides the ultimate refreshment and treat for dogs.

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Apparently the beer is best served over food at room temperature, but can be lapped up as a beverage treat too, just not more than once a day.

As with all vices, the Bottom Sniffer comes with a recommended age restriction. Dogs under 4 months old aren’t advised to drink the sweet nectar, as their tums are still developing.

Pubs nationwide are now stocking Bottom Sniffer, so let the bonding between man and pet beast commence.