Someone’s Bacon Had A Pig Nipple On It And Nobody Can Cope


Bacon. It’s the porky product that doesn’t only make a Full English breakfast incredible, it makes everything better.

It might increase our chances of cancer, but who cares? Pretty much everything does these days.

But this very NSFW picture may be a step too far for bacon lovers everywhere:

I was going to make blt’s for dinner until I realized my bacon still had a nipple on it.

Posted by Mandy Pella on Monday, 8 August 2016

Yeah, just that’s just a piece of bacon freeing the nipple. What the actual fuck is this madness?

Mandy Pella posted this dark image to Facebook, with the caption: ‘I was going to make BLTs for dinner until I realised my bacon still had a nipple on it.’


Because this is the internet the picture soon went viral, especially once someone got hold of it and plastered it all over Reddit and Imgur.

And as you’d expect, there were some pretty brilliant responses:

imgur 1Imgur
imgur 2Imgur
imgur 3Imgur

Some of the guys on Reddit even said they were going to go Vegan, wo, steady on guys:

nip4 (1)Reddit

Enough to put me off future fry-ups? Probably not. Bacon is still the food of Gods after all.