‘Strongest Ever’ Garlic Bread Is Now On Sale At Morrisons

by : UNILAD on : 26 Sep 2017 18:21

It seems like 2017 is the year of food extremes, from massive burgers and pizzas to searingly hot curries, foodies the world over can rejoice.


And now there’s another culinary delight to add to the hall of fame – the most garlicky garlic bread ever sold by a supermarket.

The 10-inch pizza style bread is a limited edition that hits shelves today, the perfect timing to ward off those vampires.


Morrisons have been working with ‘garlic experts’ to try to create the perfect accompaniment to your inevitable weekend pasta concoctions.


The garlic bread is made up of three types of concentrated garlic, and is around 600 per cent stronger than the normal garlic and herb variety sold by the supermarket.

It’s probably worth refraining from eating this unless you’re planning on having a night in bingeing Stranger Things, because you’re going to be knocking people out with your lingering garlic breath.

The retailer has even recommended eating green apples, fresh mint and parsley to help get rid of those off-putting aromas.


Pizza buyer at Morrisons, Jenny Dixon, said:

For all those families who wanted to be truly prepared, this product will scare away even the most determined vampires.

Perhaps one to avoid on first dates though.

The scarily strong garlic bread – officially called Dracula’s Devil Garlic Bread costs a measly £1.60.

It will be available to purchase from Morrisons pizza counters across the UK until Sunday November 5.


This isn’t the only extreme food product which Morrisons have put on their shelves in recent weeks. They also released the UK’s hottest supermarket curry which came with a safety warning.

The curry, titled the Volcanic Vindaloo officially holds the title of the hottest curry on our supermarket shelves.
One of its key ingredients is one of the hottest chillies in the world – the Naga Viper.

The Naga Viper has a Scoville rating of around one million – which places the chilli around 200 times hotter than Tabasco.

garlic breadgarlic breadMorrison's

The curry understandably comes with a warning due to its extreme heat, and Morrisons have even elected to put an age warning on the spicy delicacy.

The curry has a six-chilli heat rating, which is the supermarket giant’s first ever.

Naga Viper Chillies are actually so hot, they’re hotter than pepper spray, and have even been weaponised.

The curry is obviously aimed at top end curry lovers who like more of a kick in their curry than the measly Korma.

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And just to top it off even further, the curry was  garnished with some roasted green chillies just to take you over the proverbial spice edge.


The curry creation was part of a collaboration with curry experts to celebrate National Curry week.

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