Supermarket Staff Unwrapping Creme Eggs In Search For £2k Prize


A couple hundred of the special edition white chocolate creme eggs have been placed among the regular chocolate ones in a selection of shops including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Co-op.

With each of them worth a hefty £2,000 to whoever finds them, people are understandably keen to get their hands on one.

However, one shopper has discovered to his horror, many of the eggs have already been opened.


He said, according to The Sun:

I opened one of the other boxes that was stacked in the store [below those on display] and they were the same.

I can’t see how that could have been done by shoppers?

He then decided to buy a pack of five eggs only to learn, they too had been uncovered previously by money-mad punters.

If you’re lucky enough to find a white egg, the sensible rule-abiding capitalist way, you must call the phone number printed on the voucher inside the foil wrapping.

You must be able to answer a series of security questions including the code on the voucher, the shop and location in which you bought the egg.

On top of that, Cadbury also reserves the right to refuse the prize to anyone who claims.

There are also a number of smaller £100 prizes to be won, but who needs cash when you’ve got pure foodie joy?

The eggs are the same as the original version with a gooey fondant yolk centre, except the shell is made out of white chocolate.

So overall, some good old fashioned fun for the new year! FYI, a single egg will set you back 58p while a five pack comes in at £2.85.

It’s probably more than worth it for a £2,000 grand prize (should Cadbury not choose to reject you)!