Sushi Pie Is Actually A Thing, But No One’s Quite Sure About It


We’ve had regular sushi, then we became aware of sushi burgers, so the next natural step is of course – sushi pie.

That’s right, the opposing worlds of delicate Japanese cookery and robust western food have collided with almighty force to bring us the next generation of crossover cuisine for people to lose their shit over.


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Obviously this isn’t a real pie – it’s actually layers of rice and fish stacked together in a circular shape, so it sort of looks like a pie.

Personally I’d say it’s more of a gateaux, a bit like a round fishy Vienetta if you like.

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It turns out that sushi pie has been around for a while, but is now seeing a bit of a resurgence in popularity after being featured on Upshout. 

To be fair, it looks absolutely delicious, but it also seems like it would probably fall apart the second you cut into it.

It doesn’t seem to be that practical does it – I can’t really imagine that it’s going to become the half time snack of choice at football matches across the UK either, but you never know do you…