Sweet Potato Fries At McDonalds Now Exist And They’re Incredible

by : Emily Brown on : 21 Aug 2018 15:42

McDonald’s fries are a staple part of most of their meals, but in some places the restaurant have changed the game with a (sort of) healthy twist – sweet potato fries. 


The orange version of the fry is sometimes considered a luxury item. They cost that little bit extra to make yourself, and anyone who opts for them as a side for their burger often have to add an extra 30p for the swap.

This isn’t the case for everyone though, as a lucky few people have easy access to the alternative fry at their nearest McDonald’s.

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Sweet potato fries are currently available in Amsterdam and Sweden, so if you’re in the UK, you will actually have to head overseas.


But, for a portion of chips that you could potentially claim as one of your five a day, the trip’s probably worth it.

One tweeter is willing to relocate to ensure they have regular access to the sweet potato fries:

McDonalds has sweet potato fries I am complete goodbye Ireland, Amsterdam is my home now.

While another is doing the good deed of sharing the news for anyone who may also be willing to travel for the treat:

Y’all the Swedish McDonalds has chicken wings and sweet potato fries this has been a PSA


In the countries that aren’t blessed with the exotic fry option, some people have taken to Twitter to try and encourage more McDonald’s to update their menus.

One person wrote:

Can’t wait for the day McDonalds bring out sweet potato fries

Another added:

Think it’s about time McDonalds started making sweet potato fries.

A third stated:

@McDonalds need to add sweet potato fries to the menu


McDonald’s aren’t the first fast food chain to give the orange fry a try; in 2012 Burger King brought the option in, but the fact they didn’t make them a permanent fixture suggests they weren’t the most popular chip choice.

Maybe we just weren’t ready in 2012 – but we are now!

The fact that sweet potato fries are in some restaurants around the world suggests there might be hope for us yet, and it seems the restaurant are open to listening to our requests.

According to Joyscribe, earlier this year the restaurant responded to one tweeter who had expressed their desire for the orange fries.


McDonald’s wrote:

Hey there, Millie! Thanks for reaching out! Menu items vary by restaurant and/or franchisee. Let your favourite store know you want Sweet Potato Fries on the menu!

So maybe if we all bombard McDonald’s with our requests for the fries, they’ll eventually give in? Let’s hope so.

In the meantime, a flight from Manchester to Amsterdam only takes about an hour, so is anyone up for a quick trip?

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