Swiss Pensioner Admits He Loves Cooking And Eating Cats


Just when you thought people in Korea dining out on dogs was bizarre, a pensioner in Switzerland has admitted that he loves nothing more than cooking and eating cats.

Martin Bühlmann, a 72-year-old former hunter and amateur cook from Lucerne, enjoys eating the food his grandmother used to prepare for him – that includes kitten meat, as well as things like pig’s ear, tripe, calf’s brain, lungs, heart, fox and badger for a totally balanced diet.

He revealed his unique eating habits on a Swiss radio documentary called ‘Das Tier und wir’ (The animal and us), citing his poor upbringing as the reason why his mother would often cook cat meat for dinner when he was a child.

And, according to this guy at least, cat meat is pretty delicious.


Martin said:

The meat of a cat is rather pleasant and easy to digest. It tastes better than rabbits. It’s not so different from a chicken. It does not feel any different to kill than a chicken – the main thing is that the animal does not suffer. It is as ethical as sushi or seafood.

He added that he does draw the line at eating dogs, as he said it reminds him too much of his beloved late canine Julian.

Switzerland is one of the few countries in Europe in which cats and dogs aren’t protected species, which means people can kill the household pets for the purposes of their dinner plate, despite frequent protests and calls for change from animal rights groups.