Takeaway Puts ‘World’s Biggest Kebab’ On Menu

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Oct 2019 13:28
Takeaway Puts 'World's Biggest Kebab' On MenuTakeaway Puts 'World's Biggest Kebab' On MenuCaters

Gather your hungriest pals, the ultimate post-night out meal is here: the world’s biggest, filthiest, most unreal kebab. 


You’re stumbling home, with only the hazy glow of streetlights illuminating your path. You feel the pangs of hunger erupting in your booze-filled stomach. There’s one solution: a takeaway.

Well, if you’re feeling particularly gluttonous, head to Nottinghamshire’s Chip Inn.

Check out the video of the monster being assembled, and a brave lad trying to eat it, below:


Packed with a mighty 5,350 calories, you’ll have to munch through two large portions of chips, a large and small portion of doner meat, as well as a large and small portion of chicken. Did I mention it’s all covered in cheese and curry sauce?

Gannets have travelled from all across the country to take on the ultimate takeaway beast – however, the eatery’s owner, Megan Altinoz, 33, says it has yet to be conquered.

Naturally, it’s wiser to share it among your friends and family – with its size, you could easily feed a family of four. However, if you’re feeling brave, you can tackle it alone for just £22.

World's Biggest Kebab 2World's Biggest Kebab 2Caters

Talking about its origin, Megan said:

A customer came in wanting a huge kebab, but we didn’t have box big enough for it, so we used a 15-inch pizza box and that’s where this all started.

We put it on our Facebook page and the comments exploded, everyone seemed to really like the look of it so we thought we should just put it on the menu.

We’ve had customers from all over the UK come and try our challenge, but nobody has finished it to our knowledge yet. We have had pictures sent to us saying they manged to do it but we don’t know if they had help.

With nearly three times the amount of calories one person should ingest in one day, to say it’s a hearty meal would be an understatement.

World's Biggest KebabWorld's Biggest KebabCaters

To break it down for you: a large portion of doner meat has 1,000 calories, while a small portion has 600; and a large portion of chicken meat has 700 calories, while a small portion has 500.

Megan added: 

The kebab is enormous, and the weight of it is terrifying, we struggle to even pick it up and pop it on the counter to be taken away.

We have been open for over 20 years and it’s a family-run business, our produce is fresh and homemade.

Add this to the list of the UK’s food challenges – along with The George Pub & Grill, who’ll pay for your gravestone if you manage to eat their f*cking huge burger.

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