That Rainbow Bagel Store Has Shut Down And It’s All Our Fault, Apparently


A few months back, you might remember the internet lost its shit over these rainbow bagels and who can really blame them?

Soft, delicious bagels with insane colours and filled with candy floss. It proved a bit too much for more most and they just became too Instagrammable.

Sadly, these actions had terrible consequences. The Bagel Store – the place that made these beauties – has shut down. Oh, and it’s all our fault, apparently.

This wonderful tale of bagelly goodness all kicked off when Kim Kardshians BFF, Jonathan Cheban took time out from his busy schedule of starting up a school for rich kids (the dick), by sharing rainbow bagels with the Instagram world.

Everyone lost their minds and that’s when the obsession was born.

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Those lucky enough to live in Brooklyn got a taste, and those of us who couldn’t visit lusted all over them.

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We even found out how these bad boys were made.

But the internet (as always) went too far and our desire to have these in our lives destroyed the creators of the rainbow bagel.

As the multi-coloured bagels went viral, The Bagel Store had people flooding their shop, queuing for hours to try to buy one.

They were somehow churning out a staggering 800 perfect bagels a day, but it just wasn’t enough to satisfy demand.

That’s when the Bedford Avenue shop decided enough was enough and they would have to close for renovations. But then, the owner stated that the location would have to be closed indefinitely.

But don’t worry bagel lovers, this isn’t the end of the rainbow bagel just yet. Their other New York shop still remains open on Metropolitan Avenue.

But their main Bedford Avenue gaff will need some serious work to cope with the massive demand.

Guys, lets not destroy this beautiful creation through loving it too hard. It’s just not worth it.