The Backstage Meal At The Grammys Was Not What You’d Expect


It’s safe to say that backstage at the Grammys seems a little less ‘exclusive’ than the Oscars.

While the nominees at the Oscars will be enjoying their decadent gift bags filled with ‘vampire boob jobs’ and Japanese walking holidays, the people backstage at the Grammys were getting a slightly less glamorous treat.

Organisers of the music awards – which saw Taylor Swift win best album for 1989 – decided to keep things pretty relaxed and casual by offering up McDonald’s breakfast items to any passing musical megastars that might be feeling a little peckish.

It does seem to make sense if they’re trying to make the musicians feel at home, as touring musicians will all know that nothing says ‘you’ve been living in a van for  several weeks’ quite like a lukewarm Egg McMuffin.

The news inevitably drew a series of comedy responses from Twitter users…

The enviable task of wandering round carrying the breakfast items was given to a team of Grammy interns, according to UPROXX.

Presumably they had volunteered hoping for a slightly more glamorous task than shamefully offering fast-food breakfasts for the various high profile performers in attendance.

Still, maybe they got to take home all the stuff that was left over after the show?