The Gravy Wrestling Championships Are Every Northerner’s Dream

World Gravy Wrestling Championship

It is a fact that every northerner loves gravy, probably more than they love their own mothers, to be honest.

But do you love the scrumptious sauce enough to wrestle a stranger in a giant pool filled with the stuff?

If the answer is yes then you are in luck as there is an annual Gravy Wrestling Championship. Yes, really.

World Gravy Wrestling Championship

For one weekend every year at the Rose ‘n’ Bowl pub in Stacksteads, Lancashire, competitors wrestle each other in proper Lancashire gravy for two minutes, battling it out for the esteemed title of Gravy Wrestling Champion.

The annual event, which falls on August Bank Holiday, sees both men and women arrive kitted out in fancy dress ready to take on the challenge.

Each competitor is scored on technical ability and fan popularity, how much the audience applauds, and there can only be one winner.

As if this wasn’t brilliant enough, it is all for a good cause as all the funds raised are donated to the East Lancashire Hospice.

And the fire brigade is there to hose you down after your exploits in the ring. Where do I sign up?

To find out more about the competition and to register for this year’s event visit the World Gravy Championship’s website.