The Greggs Challenge Could Be Even Trickier Than The Big Mac Challenge

by : UNILAD on : 08 Sep 2017 15:40

We’ve had the McDonald’s Big Mac challenge but now, there’s a ‘Greggs Challenge’ and it looks a whole lot harder to complete.

The Big Mac Challenge required one person to eat four Big Mac burgers, four large fries and four milkshakes within one solitary hour, and keep it all down for a further half an hour.


But now there’s a new challenge in town, said to be even harder – the Greggs challenge.

Watch this guy take on the Big Mac challenge:

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It’s Britain’s favourite high street bakery, people go to enjoy a sausage roll or two, maybe even a steak bake from time-to-time, but how about ordering everything on the menu and eating it in one sitting?


Well that’s what’s required if you’re thinking of taking part, and in case you were wondering, there’s a massive 11,500 calories to consume!

If you thought for one second the Greggs Challenge was impossible, then think again, because competitive eater Adam Moran has only gone and completed it.

Adam set himself the challenge and filmed it all for his YouTube channel Beard Meats Food.


The 32-year-old sat at a table with a sea of pastry in front of him and gave himself just 30 minutes to polish it all off.

He did it… just, eating every last bit of his ‘brunch’, including eight doughnuts, a cheese and steak roll, a steak bake, a meat pasty, egg custards, an Indian slice, an iced bun and two yum yums, among everything else.

I don’t think I could get past a couple of pasties and a doughnut but fair play Adam!

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