The Most Important Meal Of The Day? Around The World In 20 Breakfasts

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Will this make you feel hard done by and a little jealous that you’re just a bowl of generic cereal? Probably not…


To celebrate the most important meal of the day we’ve taken a look at 20 countries from all four corners of globe and what they eat at breakfast.

The standards vary from pretty bog standard, to stuff that’s a lot more bizarre.




We start in the land down under. Apparently, a big fan of Vegemite – the Aussies lap the stuff up on toast. But as well as the yeast (not yeast) extract, they’re also keen on their fruit and occasionally treat themselves to a meaty fry-up.


Like many start their days around the world, a strong coffee is a big part of getting Brazilians ready for the day- partnered with a plate of ham, cheese and bread. They’re also partial to a thick soup made of black beans called Feijoada and different meats.



Now to Asia, well, China specifically. Their traditional breakfast does vary by region, but most opt for a combo of fried dough sticks and warm soy milk. Dim sum and soups also make an appearance at some breakfast tables.



Back to South America, breakfast in this nation is rather unique, revolving around a slightly sweet corncake slathered in butter and can be served with jam, meats or egg.

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A typical breakfast in Cuba consists of a classic breakfast tostada which can be dunked in or served alongside cafe con leche- Spanish white coffee. Sounds good to me!



Renowned around the world, England is normally associated to pretty crap food, but just you wait until you try our English breakfast. Expect sausage, bacon, eggs, beans, mushrooms and tomato. Heart attack on a plate? Well, at least it has two vegetables…


As you’d expect, the French like a nice, strong coffee to kickstart their morning, with a baguette or croissant. Oh, and like the Cuban counterparts they like dipping their buttered bread into coffee.

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A German breakfast is quite flexible, they like tucking in to a range of breads, cold meats, local cheeses, butter and jam. Simple.


Similar to other large countries, breakfast depends on their region, but most likely they will enjoy a tray with an assortment of chutneys, dips and breads.

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The Italians like it sweet. A cappuccino and brioche covered in jam or stuffed with chocolate. They’re doing it so so right.

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Back to the far east, traditional breakfasts in Japan can consist of miso soup, steamed rice, pickled veg, fish and Japanese omelette tamagoyaki, which is layered cooked egg.

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Ackee- a fruit native to the Caribbean, is a massive favourite for breakfast. Cooked to the consistency of scrambled egg, it can be served with fruit, salt fish or fried plantains.



Families aren’t too keen on wastage and breakfast in Korea is a similar fayre to their dinner from the night before. Rice, soup, kimchi, beef or fish- leftovers are always better the morning after anyway…

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The people of Mexico like to kick off their day with something mega filling, with dishes like chilaquiles- tortillas fried and served with a range of toppings and spicy egg dish huevos rancheros, which have become massively popular across several other nations.



In Russia they loved their griddled cakes for brekkie, sounds… interesting. Whether it’s a fluffy oladi or cheese-stuffed syrniki- similar to a crepe they are pretty dainty so you need a few to really kickstart your morning.

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South Africa

A hot bowl of a corn-based porridge or cereal called ‘putu pap’ is normally the standard for South Africans come breakfast time.



A popular savoury breakfast in Espana is toast with grated tomato salad, but for something a bit sweeter, some treat themselves to some rather cheeky churros, dipped in melted chocolate.


Over to Scandinavia now, where open sandwiches are the order of the day. Layered with either fish, cold cuts of meat, mayo and a few veggies it all sounds rather lunchy to me!


In Turkey they love a real spread at breakfast. You can expect some pretty standard Mediterranean bits and pieces- bread, cheese, butter, eggs, jam, honey, but than it get a bit more interesting. Olives, cucumbers, kaymak- similar to clotted cream, spicy Turkish sausage and Turkish tea.


United States

In the U.S. you can expect a variety of stuff from state to state, but anything with eggs, potatoes, bacon or sausage is what you’d expect in some shape or form.


You might not want to tackle some of these delicacies with a hangover…

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