The ‘Three Second Rule’ Food Myth Has Been Dealt A ‘Deadly’ Plot Twist

Inside Edition/YouTube

A university professor is taking a stand against previous claims you can safely eat food once it has been in contact with the floor.

Inside Edition had previously argued that context was a huge factor – whether food was wet, and the type of surface it fell on being the key factors.

Dr Lisa Ackerley is arguing that myths such as the ‘three’, ‘five’, and certainly the ‘ten second rule’ are irrelevant and it should never be considered safe to consume a spilled meal.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 19.36.10Inside Edition/YouTube

Dr Ackerley of the University of Salford is reported by the Daily Express as saying:

Regular small bursts of hygienic cleaning is more important than one big spring clean.

Bacteria and viruses can’t be seen or smelt and are easily destroyed through high temperatures, meaning steam cleaning is perfect.

Reportedly the myth is dispelled as the rapid reproduction of bacteria would mean food would pick up ‘deadly’ microbes instantly.

I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Best to play it safe at this stage and follow Ackerley’s advice. If you drop a snack -no matter how delicious- it is best off in the bin, apparently.