The Trick To Get A Big Mac And Fries For £1.99


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There’s a very simple trick to bagging yourself a £1.99 Big Mac meal and it’s glorious in every way.

Normally a Big Mac meal will set you back £4.29, but now there’s a handy little, viral trick doing the rounds, you can grab yours for half the price.

It may be a tad sneaky, but it’s entirely legal and all thanks to HotDealsUK.

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All you have to do, according to users of this handy hacks site, is pay via the touch screen, which means you can outwit the machine and get more for your money.

Apparently, the strips of discount vouchers they give out –  and here’s the loophole – are actually reusable, if they haven’t been physically scanned…

With this little gem of knowledge in mind, a fan of McDonald’s tricks posted their tip to the site.

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Here’s there handy instructions:

Walk into any McDonald’s that has the new digital ordering screens.

Click ‘I have a voucher code’ button (top right of screen)

Open your smart phone and zoom into the barcode on the image I put in the link

Smile as you now have burger and fries for £1.99

If they ask for the voucher just say, ‘sorry it’s on my phone.

I have been dong this for months now.


Do you even beef, bro ???

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Fairplay to them and if you fancy giving it a go yourself, here’s a sheet of barcodes:

Apparently no-one’s been caught out yet, so it’s all up for grabs…

I think I know what I’m going to have for lunch now…