The Ultimate Breakfast Box Challenge Has Never Been Completed

by : Julia Banim on : 09 Sep 2017 14:19
Kats Cabin/Facebook

Hailed as the ‘perfect hangover cure’, Kats Cabin Café in Walsall has absolutely the right idea with this pizza box full of breakfast delights.


Containing a reported 4,275 calories, Kats Cabin are challenging hungry diners to wolf down this monstrous platter of greasy goodness but so far, nobody has been able to finish, which is after all,  pretty understandable.

Lets be honest, this is no ordinary breakfast:

Absolutely nothing is left out of the ‘Ultimate Breakfast Box’, which comes loaded with six fat sausages, six crispy bacon rashers, four slices of black pudding and four golden fried eggs.


This may already sound like a week’s worth of hefty breakfasting, but wait, there’s more…

You also get four fluffy hash browns, an enormous round of toast and – my personal fry up fave – three pieces of fried bread.

And if you’re thinking ‘wait, where the hell are my sides?’ then never fear, you also get sizeable helpings of baked beans, fried mushrooms and chopped tomatoes – two tubs of each to be exact.

For the sheer volume of food you actually get, this feast is excellent value for money.

You can get the lot for £15, with free home delivery if you live within a one mile radius – so you don’t even have to get out of your PJs.

Residents of Halsall: Do you have the stomach for the Ultimate Breakfast Box Challenge?

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