The World’s Most Expensive Easter Eggs Are Absolutely Ridiculous


Ever wondered what the world’s most expensive Easter eggs look like?

Well, wonder no more. These Fabergé-style chocolate treats cost an eye-watering £25,000 each. Just, wow.

Each meticulously crafted egg weighs about 100kg (that’s a lot of choccie) and they pay homage to jewellery-laden designs, which were often given by Russian Tsars to their loved ones in the 19th century.

Choccywoccydoodah made these Easter eggs from entirely luxury Belgian chocolate and they depict mythical creatures hatching.

One of them even pays tribute to Brighton’s Royal Pavilion, where their chocolate studio is based.


Christine Taylor-  the owner and creative director of Choccywoccydoodah – said:

We all felt within the company that the world felt in quite a dark place. And as we are in such a joyous environment we consider ourselves to be joymakers. We thought we would do something completely ridiculous in an effort to cheer people up. I have always loved the actual Faberge eggs and I have always thought what a ridiculous thing they are – what an indulgent piece of nonsense.

She’s not wrong- complete and utter nonsense. Customers will have to give at least three weeks notice to order these insane creations and order them as a trio- so that’s only £75,000. Bargain.

Christine continued:

For most people it is going to be an option between buying a car or buying an Easter egg. But there are people who will set their hearts on them and want to order them. we do have customers who will spend that money if they want it enough.

I think I would rather have the car to be honest.  But who would generally buy these ridiculous Easter eggs? Wealthy London clients or members of overseas royal families of course.

She added:

We are lucky. We have got customers from the Middle East who I would be surprised if they were not attracted to them. If somebody wanted to go ahead and order a trio, we would work out what is right for them. We are sort of teasing the world. You can have them if you want them.


Just in case you want to stare at them in amazement or you have more money then sense, the unicorn eggs are on display at their Brighton shop, while the dragon ones are on show in the London store.