There’s A Petition Calling For McDonald’s To Serve Mayonnaise

by : UNILAD on : 06 Feb 2018 22:09

If there’s one thing McDonald’s fries were made for, it’s the beautiful nectar that is Heinz tomato ketchup.


It’s sweet, tomatoey goodness is the perfect accompaniment to the crisp, salty fries. It’s a match made in heaven.

But seriously, Maccies need to be much less stingy with their sauces, we need more of the stuff, because quite frankly one little container is not enough.

But at least we have the option of having some BBQ sauce, and some ketchup, and we should be at least grateful for that, because we don’t even get the option of mayonnaise.


The more you think about it, the more you realise just how desperately we need mayo in McDonald’s stores across the UK. Imagine dipping your nuggs into delicious mayo. It would be heaven.

It’s something of a national tragedy that we can’t already get access to the UK’s favourite condiment, but it might not be so forever.


That’s because a petition has started on change.org which is trying to make mayonnaise sachets a standard option at McDonald’s.

Other countries have access to mayo, so why don’t we? This is unfair and this petition will fight the good fight for mayo lovers across the country.

The petition, titled ‘Make mayonnaise sachets/dips available in McDonald’s (because how are they not already?!)’, is looking to bring the issue to national attention.


The team behind the petition, Team Mayo, wrote:


This Saturday at 4am I had the unfortunate experience of learning that McDonald’s do not in fact stock mayonnaise. At all. Ever. You cannot get it in any of their UK stores for love, tears, nor money.

Considering that last year mayonnaise overtook ketchup as the UK’s most popular choice of condiment, the most popular fast food chain appears to be really missing a trick here.

This petition is to lobby McDonald’s into stocking that beautiful egg-based dressing across all stores in the UK and proving to its customers once and for all that EVERYONE matters, not just the ketchup and BBQ lovers.

If Wetherspoons, Burger King and literally every singly place that serves fries can do it, surely McDonald’s can too?

All support for this vital cause is hugely appreciated.

With thanks, Team Mayo #McDonaldsMayoMission.

At the time of writing, 582 have signed the petition, and they need your help to bring Mayo to the Maccies masses.

Last year, in the war of the sauces, mayonnaise overtook ketchup to be the country’s best selling condiment. To be fair, we can get with this. Mayonnaise is equally as special as ketchup, but just in a different way.

There really are not many foods out there which wouldn’t be improved by a good dollop of mayo, especially food of the variety created in McDonald’s franchises up and down the UK.

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Fries? Yep. Nuggets? Yep. Big Mac? Yep. Need we go on?

So, all you mayo fans get out there, and be the change you want to see in the world.

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    Make mayonnaise sachets/dips available in McDonald's (because how are they not already?!)