There’s Some Great News For Fans Of Millie’s Cookies


For all the Millie’s Cookies fans out there, this could be just what you’ve been waiting to hear…

From February 16th you will be able to buy ready-to-bake Millie’s Cookies kits at your local Iceland supermarket and if you’ve ever spent time being dragged round a shopping centre you will know there is nothing quite like the smell of those freshly baked treats.

Apparently the cookies can be baked straight from frozen in just 16 minutes and will come in packs of six in three different flavours – milk chocolate chip, triple chocolate and white chocolate.

Surely the best bit of this news is that since the cookies are bought ready-to-bake, you can eat them warm straight from your oven.

The delicious smell of Millie’s Cookies filling your own home is almost to much to even bear thinking about at the moment.

A box will set you back £3, but you will be able to pick up two for a fiver from 17th February to 16th March.


Each box of six cookies will cost £3 per box. Of course, there’s a deal on once they launch on 17th February to 16th March 2016, where you can get two boxes for only £5 – so you best get down to Iceland before they’re all gone.

I’ve got a feeling these are going to be a massive hit with Iceland shoppers and before too long they’ll be popping up in other supermarkets…