There’s Something Fishy About Donald Trump’s Favourite McDonald’s Food


Everyone’s favourite power hungry buffoon Donald Trump is at it again, but this time he isn’t making racial slurs or threatening to build enormous walls – he’s just imagining food. 

It seems the controversial U.S Presidential candidate has added yet another notch to his belt of bizarre statements after, according to the Telegraph, Trump was answering some ‘fun’ quick-fire questions at the end of a press conference when a journalist asked him to name his favourite McDonald’s menu item.

In response he said he ‘enjoys the Fish Delight at McDonald’s’ and that ‘KFC isn’t the worst thing in the world’. The one small problem with this is that the ‘Fish Delight’ he enjoys so much doesn’t actually exist.

He went on to say he prefers chains like McDonald’s and KFC over some restaurants, because they have high cleanliness standards.

Trump seems to have been referring to the classic Filet-O-Fish – introduced to the McDonald’s menu in 1962. The sandwich became the first non-hamburger menu item to be sold at the chain after they trialled two non-red meat options.


The first was the distinctly odd-sounding Hula Burger – a slice of grilled pineapple topped with cheese on a cold bun -the second was the Filet-O-Fish which, unsurprisingly, proved to be a lot more popular.

You don’t say.