These Are Some Of The World’s Weirdest Drinks


Whether it’s an ice cold pint, a crisp white wine, or a crazy zombie, everyone has their favourite tipple.

However, it’s fair to say that around the world, people take things to the extreme, creating drinks from all sorts of weird, wonderful and downright unpleasant ingredients.


So be it Japan’s infamous ‘Placenta 10,000’ – yes it is what it sounds like – China’s ‘Three Penis Wine’ or even New Zealand’s ‘Hoihoi Tatea’ made from horse semen there’s something for everyone in this list, although an alarming amount of these have been linked to deaths…

So ask yourself, would you be brave enough to try any of the following:

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Call me boring, but I’ll probably stick to a pint and a nice sit down, although Peyote does sound fun…