These Are The Grim Things That Happen To Your Food When You Send It Back


If you’re unhappy with your meal in a restaurant it’s no big deal – you can just send it back right?

It turns out that may not be such a great idea. A number of people who have worked in the food industry have lifted the lid on what really goes on behind closed doors…

According to Q&A website Quora, people who send their food back may be getting a little more than they bargained for especially if these horror stories are anything to go by, reports The Mirror.

One guy who worked for a popular burger chain, where ‘the majority of the staff were between the ages of 15 and 18’ explains that complaining to a teenager is ‘the wrong thing to do.’

He said: 

I was there for over three years and I’ve seen (and even tried to stop – but to no avail) the following…

A daddy long legs seared into a burger.


As far as the customer goes, probably not too bad, a bit of extra protein and all that. Pretty cruel for the poor daddy long legs though.

Different types of body hair being purposely added.


You can imagine which part of the body we’re talking about here. If not watch the Scott Tenorman Must Die episode of South Park.

Sneezing and then wiping their nose with a burger bun.


This is obviously disgusting, but calling it a ‘Bacon Double Sneeze Burger’ is genius.

Many different forms of spit and phlegm being combined with the ‘corrected’ order.


You just wouldn’t want to know.

Stuff recovered from being dropped on the floor.

Does the three-second rule not apply to this?

Wiping arse and/or armpits with food items.

This one has got us particularly concerned. How would you tell!? Have we been eating sweat (or worse) all these years?

The pooper scoop.


This has got to be the grimmest of the grim anecdotes. He describes how a customer shat on the floor next to the toilet and his colleague decided to clean it up with a chicken nugget scoop. Jesus.

Another user quickly tried to reassure readers that the horror stories are not a regular occurence.

He said:

I’ve heard of instances where nasty things were done to rude guests but I’ve never seen such a thing, nor done it myself.

It’s simply not professional. In dealing with rude customers a professional will just maintain a certain ‘business decorum’ and ride it out.

I might think twice before sending a steak back next time – overcooked beef or a shit smeared piece of perfectly cooked meat – I know which I’d prefer.