These Bizarre Cadbury’s Creme Egg Recipes Will Leave You Confused


With Easter fast approaching it’s time we gave ourselves the excuse (as if we needed it) to stuff our faces with chocolate once again.

The Cadbury Creme Egg is the perfect embodiment of the Easter chocolate binge but it seems that some people aren’t happy with it in its basic form.

They feel the humble snack deserves more than to be greedily scoffed down leaving nothing but sticky fingers and a feeling of guilt (phrasing), and Delish have put together a list of some ‘different’ Creme Egg based recipes.

So here are the top five most inspirational ways people have come up with to inject a glamorous twist into their Creme Eggs…

The Creme Egg Pizza

Crazy Pedro's

This winning combo is available at Crazy Pedro’s and includes chocolate sauce, marshmallows, brownie bits, meringue and of course, Cadbury eggs.

Creme Egg Foo Young


Yep, that’s right – this is Egg Foo Young with Cadbury Creme Eggs. The dish was created by Jessie Moore of and uses coconut, peanut butter and sprinkles.

Creme Egg Burgers


K West Hotel in London created these little Cadbury burgers to really wow at tea time. The burgers use the egg as a patty, strawberry jelly for the ketchup, mascarpone cream for mayo and sweet brioche buns (complete with sprinkles standing in for sesame seeds).

Creme Egg Rolls


Brought to you once again by CakeSpy, these sweet egg rolls are basically Creme Egg filled spring rolls. What’s not to like?

Creme Eggs Benedict


This sweet twist on a classic egg recipe calls for a brownies, Creme eggs and a doughnut so it’s probably best not to make a habit of having this for breakfast unless you are deliberately trying to give yourself diabetes.