These Square Milkshakes Could Be The Most Hipster Thing You’ve Ever Seen


There’s no point in looking any further, this is, without doubt, the most hipster thing you will ever see. Ever.

To put it simply, these are square milkshakes. “But why? Why would someone do that?” everyone cries – because Instagram.

The ‘Square Shakes’ – served in cuboid glasses – were dreamed up by fast food brand Sonic Drive-in in collaboration with Instagram celeb Christine Flynn, aka ‘Chef Jacques La Merde’, reports Buzzfeed.

Sonic has confirmed that the shakes really were designed specifically for Instagramming purposes.

But although they are just a marketing ploy targeted directly at hipsters wandering around festivals trying to find things to Instagram, they actually sound pretty delicious.

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They will be sold exclusively at Coachella festival in California (obviously) and flavour options will include vanilla bean, buttered toffee, dark chocolate, bourbon brown sugar, dulce de leche, and wildberry & lavender.

Oh, and just when you thought that the pinnacle of hipster culture had finally been reached, I should just mention that you can also only order the shakes through Instagram. Just, okay.

I would go to Coachella to get one but I’m pretty sure I’ve got the next instalment of my sleeve being tattooed around then, I need to do some work on my Fixie bike and the hops will be ready to harvest from the allotment pretty soon…