This Bizarre Ice Cream Flavour Could Be Just Crazy Enough To Work


You can always rely on Japan to push culinary boundaries and they haven’t disappointed with what could be one of the strangest food combinations yet.

At the Karaage Festival in Fukuoka, it sounds like there’s one pretty unique menu item that could prove to be pretty divisive – fried chicken-flavoured ice cream.

The unusual dish will make an appearance at next month’s event – where dozens of Japanese restaurants will be offering up their very best chicken dishes, reports Japan Today.

icecream1Karaage Festival

Karaage is a traditional Japanese oil frying technique that involves frying the meat (usually chicken or fish) without batter and for the travelling festival, hundreds of chefs put their own spin on the classic deep-frying method.

The flyer for the event features images of the karaage ice cream, which looks like it’ll be a sort of brown coloured soft-scoop – not the most appetising.

However, although the concept seems pretty ‘out there’ it could just be crazy enough to work.


A lot of karaage recipes give a sweet finish to the chicken, and, if you paired it with a salty ice cream it could actually be quite delicious.

According to Japan Today, the characters on the flyer translate to: “Karaage soft serve ice cream!? You’ve got to take on this challenge!”

It’s probably safe to say that Japan’s residents will be keen for the challenge as they are no strangers to ‘innovative’ ice cream flavours.


Wasabi, chilled udon noodle with green onions, soy sauce, and squid ink have all found their way into cones, so karaage fried chicken may actually be pretty tame in comparison.

I’m still not convinced though…