This Chart Shows Exactly What Time Supermarkets Reduce Their Food


Anyone who’s ever been a student or struggled for money knows how great it feels to snag a bargain in a supermarket.

There’s a real feeling of thrifty elation when you spot the little yellow sticker promising a price reduction but do you know when to snag yourself the best bargains?

Well if like me you’re clueless as to when the saving sesh begins the helpful money-elves over at MoneySavingExpert have got your back, lifting the lid on when the bargains begin to flow.

Here’s the full chart…

Velela. Via Wikimedia

As you can see Tesco and Co-Op start their 25 per-cent reductions bright and early in the morning at 8am, but Sainsburys and ASDA begin their bumper bargains around midday.

Meanwhile the bigger 75 per cent discounts start at 7 per cent in Co-Op and Morrisons, whereas ASDA doesn’t get their best yellow stickers out until 9pm.

So now you know you can beat anyone and everyone to the delicious supermarket bargains!