This Doughnut Has An Entire Cinnamon Roll Inside It – Just Yes


Sometimes decisions – especially dessert based ones – are just too tough. Do I want a cinnamon roll or do I want a doughnut?

Don’t worry, thanks to one New York chef you can now have both at the same time.

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Mashable spoke to the creator of the Cinnamon Roll Donut, pastry chef Thiago Silva and although it looks like a regular, glazed doughnut from the outside, inside is an entire cinnamon roll – just because.

In an interview with Mashable, Thiago said he first came up with the idea from another doughnut he created, which contained apple pie filling:

I thought the idea was cool if I put a cinnamon roll [inside] but it would have to be raw and cook at the same time as the donut.

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After plenty of failed attempts Thiago was able to created a donut that was thin enough to cook the cinnamon roll inside, but thick enough to still hold together.

“[There are] a lot of tricky elements,” Silva said. “It’s easy to get wrong.”

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Although he doesn’t work there any more, Thiago’s pastry is still on the menu at ‘Catch’ – in New York’s meat-packing district. In its current form, the donut is served with pumpkin ice cream, a spiced rum sabayon and cranberry pomegranate sauce.

Any plans to bring this over to the UK? Please?