This Fake April Fools’ Burger Was So Popular They’ve Actually Made It

soul burger1Soul Burger/Facebook

A restaurant has had to put an obscenely large ‘April Fools’ burger on its menu after demand for the fictional beast went off the chain.

Soul Burger, a vegan burger joint in Sydney, will start selling ‘The Plant-based Disgrace’ to customers from next week, reports then Daily Mail.

Our new burger of the month! The SCHNITTY was so popular we had to pull out the big guns to top it! Available April 4th!

Posted by Soul Burger on Thursday, March 31, 2016

The restaurant is Australia’s first wholly plant-based burger restaurant and its new  $35 (£18) burger has 16 ingredients, including a syringe each of mustard and ketchup.

To be fair, it does look pretty epic as the enormous tower of ‘plant-based’ meat rests precariously on a coconut thick shake with the syringes jammed in the top.

soul burger2Soul Burger/Facebook

Soul Burger owner Amit Tewari said the prank started out as a ‘piss take’ on hipster burgers – and a bit of a dig at people that were dismissive of vegan food.

But the response was so crazy – with groups even turning up trying to get an early taste – he decided to add it to the menu.

It comes with three types of plant-based meats, mushrooms, roasted peppers, falafel, salad and cheese – not forgetting the coconut shake.

It started out as an April Fools pisstake on hipster burgers…but the demand got real. We were inundated with messages…

Posted by Soul Burger on Friday, April 1, 2016

Close to 200 people have commented on the announcement – and an overwhelming amount seem pretty damn excited.

“This is the greatest thing in existence. I want it now! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” one person commented. While another wrote: “That looks AMAZE-BALLS! Nom nom nom.”

soulburger3Soul Burger/Facebook

Tewari says it will be on the menu come Monday:

It’s definitely real. We’ve got people texting saying they’re booking tickets from interstate!

See, even vegans enjoy a massive feed.