This Futuristic McDonald’s Is Offering All-You-Can-Eat Fries


People are understandably beside themselves after a new McDonald’s has offered customers all-you-can-eat fries when it opens its doors.

The McDonald’s in question is in St. Joseph’s, Missouri, and excitement levels have been ramped up since the franchise’s owner Chris Habiger, announced his plan to build the ‘McDonald’s of the future’ last week.

According to Buzzfeed, as well as the unlimited fries offer, the futuristic location will include a whole host of features not seen in a typical McDonald’s.

Customers will be able to customise their meals in hundreds of different ways, adding extra sauces and toppings to their heart’s content.

Habiger said:

Customers will order their sandwich and then pick the custom options at a kiosk. It will then be made to order. [It will be an] entirely new dining experience.

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The endless fries will be part of a promotion for the restaurant’s opening, as diners will have to order one of the customisable burgers to qualify for the fry bonanza.

According to Habiger, the restaurant will also include an interactive play place, an ‘entirely new décor package’ and a party room – although he didn’t elaborate on that, so we can only imagine…


He added:

[This is] a new kind of McDonald’s, one the majority of the United States has yet to experience.

Yeah, yeah, never mind all that Chris, just point us in the direction of the unlimited fries, then we’ll talk about the other cool stuff…