This Guy Creates Tacos, Burgers And Cakes Out Of ‘Unicorn Poop’ Candy Floss

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jan 2016 16:35
Nathan Hunter

Welcome to the latest Instagram trend, transforming a fairground favourite into modern day eye candy. 


Fluffë, a Sydney-based company that designs all kinds of unusual fairy floss treats for parties, weddings and events was started by Nathan Hunter back in 2013.

The idea came to him when he was putting together a portfolio of business cards for fake businesses during his design degree.


One of them was fairy floss and a few days later I bought a machine and although I had no idea what I was doing I was excited about it and it started from there.

While flavoured floss is nothing new, Nathan’s list of flavours include honey almond, chocolate milk, mojito, cookies and cream and, the most inventive, unicorn poop.

His Instagram account describes unicorn poop as: 


Magically mystical, purple musk floss, fabulously adorned with lots of sprinkles that unicorns can’t digest.

It’s then laden with delicious toppings including pretzels, doughnuts, chocolate sauce, sour worms and whipped cream.

On Instagram, Nathan also recreates other popular food fads with his floss, including a ‘doughnut Fluffë Burger’ with cookie fries, macaroons, Nutella-floss wrapped croissants and ‘funfetti waffle stacks’.

Floss-laden ice cream sundaes and icy cold drinks topped with tropical flavoured candy floss are also on Nathan’s list of impressive creations.

He now has over 21,000 followers on Instagram, sells packs of fairy floss for $30 (£14.50) and does party and wedding appearances.

He told Daily Mail Australia:

It’s all been so crazy and amazing and after uni I will be doing this full time. Right now I am focusing on some fun projects and flavours for valentine’s day and we will go from there.

Sydney people love everything over the top so the more crazy and eye-popping, the better. It needs to look good.


And, you have to admit, they really do look amazing!

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