This Guy Is Trying To Ban Popcorn From Cinemas

by : UNILAD on : 17 Jan 2016 15:31

There are many things that can easily piss you off when you’re at the cinema…


Whether it’s that one person who’s about 6 foot 10 and decides to sit in front of you, even if the cinema is empty. The rustling of sweet wrappers, those who fancy a loud gossip during the film or the gross couple who can’t stop sticking their tongues down each others throats.

But one frustrated movie fan is pissed off with popcorn and he’s on a mission to ban the sale of the sweet (or salty) stuff in UK cinemas for good.

Is he serious? Apparently so. Speaking to the South West News Service,  Mike Shotton, 39, from Newcastle, says his hatred for movie popcorn began in the 90’s when he saw Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. But it wasn’t until he went to watch the latest Star Wars film, that he really lost his shit.


The radio presenter has started a petition to ban the snack, describing popcorn on the campaign site as being loud, smelly and tasting of nothing and ‘sharing a consistency with weakened polystyrene.’ You can kind of see his point…

The campaign is yet to really catch on though and has only got 275 signatures so far.

It’s fair to say we can’t see any chance of popcorn being taken from cinemas just yet, mainly because they make such a ridiculous mark up on it and pretty much everyone fucking loves the stuff.

Can we just ban nachos instead?

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