This Guy Tried To Eat At All London’s McDonald’s In Just One Day


It seems despite the grim health connotations associated with any McDonald’s product, ever, that we aren’t falling out of love with this fast-food chain just yet.

Whether it’s turning it into sushi, serving it up to food experts, or even keeping it as a pet (because, why not?), we thought we’d seen it all. But this McFan went one step further with his passion for Maccy D’s.

James Ware/YouTube

Meet James Ware. He launched a McMarathon to see if he could eat at every McDonald’s restaurant in London in just 24 hours. However, this wasn’t just about eating a ton of big macs, oh no, he had to try a different meal at each of the 46 venues. He even had to wolf down the Filet-O-Fish, so not an easy task.

He claimed that the idea simply came about because he woke up and was bloody starving. But I doubt he will be lovin’ it by the end of his noble quest.

James Ware/YouTube

The video – which has been viewed over 22,000 times – shows him selecting each delicious and not so nutritious meal as he goes along, polishing off each dish.

Different locations around the capital flash by as he tucks into more and more fast food – with the handy McCount keeping track of his impressive progress.

James Ware/YouTube

But, as he keeps powering through, you can see he’s really struggling with the infamous McShakes and begins to look a bit McFlush later on as he reaches McCount 33.

However, James managed to conquer the challenge with flying colours, in a pretty respectable time of 17 hours and nine minutes.

James Ware/YouTube

Good on him for sticking to it. It makes the guy who did Super Size Me look a little bit rubbish…