This ‘Healthy’ Junk Food Is Literally The Stuff Of Dreams


Junk food that is actually good for you has been the stuff of our dreams for years, but we never thought it would become a reality.

When you think of doughnuts, cookies, brownies, you think ‘yeah, fucking delicious’ but it’s not the sort of thing you can stuff your face with on a regular basis.

But one company is trying to change all that and make the stuff of food heaven- without all the guilt.


Enter NUFF. They’re creating a bunch of alternative sweet treats, which are low fat, low in sugar and stuffed with so-called superfoods. That’s a win win win right there.

The NUFF (Natural Unprocessed Fat Burning Food) bakers instead use organic and nutritious ingredients like raw cacao, nuts, fruit and coconut oil to make their guilt-free creations.


And thanks to what they’re made from, their cakes can apparently increase your metabolism, give you better brain function, decrease your risk of depression and gives you better eye and skin health.

Their delicious treats are also high in protein and contain healthy fats, which means they can even help you get better body composition, leaner muscle and easier fat loss.


These are pretty bold claims to say the least, but their CEO, Kevin McLoughlin, 27 has confidence in his products and is hopeful of bridging the gap between nutrition and indulgence.

He said:

Fundamentally it had to taste as good as, or even better than the junk food already available out there, otherwise why eat it? So we focused on making our treats indistinguishable in every way bar nutrition. I’ve tried a lot of the ‘healthy’ alternatives before and they always fell incredibly short and left a lot to be desired. I wanted to give people something that successfully brings together the best of both worlds, offering something that is not only genuinely good for them, but tastes so good that it still manages to trigger the same sensory reactions that we get from eating junk food.


NUFF launched online this month and they plan to open a few cheeky pop-ups around London by the summer. Oh, and they’re in talks with Selfridges about setting something up in the stores no less.

You can choose between a dozen and half dozen box, offering same day delivery in London, and next day further afield- that’s if you order by 1pm.

Their NUFF GUIDE even gives you the lowdown on all the nutritional info for those who are a bit more calorie conscious too.


Healthy food is here guys and it’s pretty damn tasty.